Iconic is a CREATIVE TALENT AGENCY specializing in PR, talent marketing and events.

About us

We are a creative agency representing iconic TALENTS and CREATORS within the world of FASHION, ART, MUSIC and FILM. We connect brands with talents through iconic collaborations and events. With both creativity and strategy, we make ENGAGING CONTENT across the SOCIAL MEDIA ecosystem and beyond. 


We create CREDIBLE collaborations with our INFLUENTIAL talents that are known for their CREATIVITY, EXPERTISE and POINT OF VIEW. ICONIC identifies BRAND-BUILDING partnerships and believe that an AUTHENTIC connection is what makes social interactions STAND OUT. We work strategically with a DATA-DRIVEN focus to help build BRAND AWARENESS, create a buzz and spread a message that will allow your brand to reach DESIRED AUDIENCE


Our expertise lies in the ability to connect UNIQUE talents and brands, for CREDIBLE collaborations that STAND OUT. We develop HIGH QUALITY CONTENT, where vision and values align, creating an AUTHENTIC connection with the right TARGET AUDIENCE.


We believe in the creative talents we choose to represent. With a VISIONARY APPROACH, we find innovative ways to BUILD and STRENGTHEN your personal brand through PR and TAILOR-MADE Collaborations. Iconic connects you with our ESTABLISHED NETWORK of clients within design, fashion, beauty and art. You get to focus on the artistic part and tell your story, convey your perspective, while we MANAGE THE WHOLE PROCESS – from strategic advisory to creative support and campaign execution.